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12:45 p.m. - 2021-03-16
So we've jumped the line. I dunno who decided pharmacies should be included in this next wave of vaccines but bless their tiny pointed heads

I booked mine on sunday, the 21st, at a place an hour and a half away, because I figure sooner is better and this way it leaves spots open in my town the following week for people that dont have a car or the time to drive out and back

Even though I've never been to the place before and dont know the town at all. Hopefully google will direct me to the building and there will be enough signage to get me in the right door.

If I had any extra money this week I'd take a drive out there to eyeball the place, alleviate some of this anxiety, I might do that anyway on friday when I get paid.

Oh that reminds me, I have to bug my bosses about the letters we are supposed to bring with us, since we dont have ID badges.

I know getting this done doesn't change anything for now, but at least in a few weeks I wont have to worry about every cough or headache the second it arrives and be wondering if my chronic aches and pains are in fact covid aches and pains and I can't tell the difference

The part I'm waiting for probably wont be for a while. I started to type it out but felt the abyss of hopelessness opening up, so I'll just close that off and continue to hope that next winter will be better, even tho that's what I was thinking a year ago

Avoidance is a powerful tool

I should figure out what groceries my last $50 needs to go towards to get us through the next couple of days.

On and on, it goes.

Take care.



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