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10:10 p.m. - 2021-08-30
At least the heat wave broke today
I can rant, but what's the point, it's the same shit every single year. Weeks of planning with my family, and the night before hours of texting with your mom and dad, because they kept the birthday open in their calendars and I'm not doing the good hostess thing of having a big gathering of people

I'm almost ranting again

It's so fkn irritating, we do this every year. Every birthday, every holiday

I thought when my ex moved back to this province I would have a reprieve but no. He cant seem to apologize to the 15 yr old for acting like a dickhead so I'm in the middle of everything still

Bleh. I'm tired. Kids are getting vaccinated next week, first dose. I dunno if it's the right choice or not but the next variant after delta is the thing scaring me the most right now.. so I'm going to convince both kids that this is what we need to do



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