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1:40 a.m. - 2022-01-06
Dont tell my boss
I'm self aware enough to know that I'm not just annoyed that the inventor of the mRNA vaccine was banned for life from twitter by the corporation of twitter for " spreading misinformation " as if he hasnt spent his entire career working on vaccines and isnt holding a bunch of patents and hasnt been sourced over 10,000 times in subsequent research.....

I'm also fucking annoyed that I now feel I have to listen to a 3 hr joe Rogan podcast episode because apparently what dr vaccine said on that podcast prompted twitter to ban him.

I faked covid symptoms so I could have a week in isolation, only to have the government switch to home schooling at the same time, so now the boys are stuck in our apartment for at least three more days. It doesn't actually bother us though. We could probably do this for months, ... maybe not youngest.. but eldest and I could, as long as we have internet we are fine.

I dunno, I dont my batteries are being replenished, but they must be.... it's almost 2am and I'm debating playing video games just cuz I can

But that wouldn't be fair to my kids if I happen to wake them up, they have school tomorrow, even if its home school online school I still dont know what to call it

I've decided that I'm going to play ffxiv during school hours so that I'm close at hand to help, but also have something to distract me from it, cuz I wont be home long enough that youngest can get used to relying on me, and I cant help trying to help him keep up and keep on task

I should make a list of the things I want to accomplish in the next four days, so that I can at least feel like I did something other then lie to my boss and the rest of everyone in order to stay home

I dont even care about the lost wages, that's how almost burnt out I was, or am,

At least I made it through youngests bday and xmas without pissing anyone off or disappointing anyone.. and now that's done for another year and I can get a head start on next year, l o l



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