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9:25 p.m. - 2022-01-26
I stg I'm not high
Trust and let go. It will be what it is and you cant control it. Stop trying to control it, okay, now, stop crying over things you cant control

Such a waste of time and energy. Because you dont want such a superficial connection anyway, remember? God, I have to write it down dont i

Someone loved you once, someone else will love you again.

The longer it takes the more time you have to work on the ragged bits of you that are rattling around inside your head.

Time is a weird soup, and none of this fucking matters, because the second, the milli-second, the barely able to measure span of time between now and the moment when you realize that person loves you, everything before will evaporate.

Ohmygod, time really is an illusion and everything is happening all at once, I get it.

Holy shit, there is no edge to the universe because it's all happening now, in this moment.

What did I just unlock in my brain, literal quantum theory ?



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