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12:02 p.m. - 2010-05-27
He's still trying like hell to fuck me, and trying to get me to say that I love him. AND HE'S CALLING SOMEONE ELSE LOVE on his facebook...

whaaaat the fuck. So he would just break her heart if I changed my mind?? Why the hell would I ever EVER want to be in a relationship with that person ever again??

Jesus, he's delusional.

He asked me last night if I would go with him to your wedding. and I was like uh no. And he said Ok I'll have to find someone else to take then. And I said alright.

I think he's still waiting for me to freak out and get jealous. Um, nope. I can't be jealous of her, or any one else he chooses. Fuck, they have NO IDEA what he's got up his sleeve.

k im gonna go RSVP to your wedding now. hehe



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