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11:20 p.m. - 2010-11-25
Tool and go hand in hand..

Im trying to go to sleep but I feel like bugs are everywhere and crawling on me..

I still find spiders everydamnwhere in this apartment, and now Im picking bugs out of Juli's hair..

If I get this? Yeah Im fucking shaving my head. I dont care about what they will think at the bank. I can hardly take freaking out and imagining bugs in my hair let alone KNOWING THERE ARE BUGS CRAWLING THERE.. guuuuh

I wonder if there really has been this many spiders and shit in every place Ive lived and whether I just didnt notice?!

I dunno.. I feel extra crazy.. Its weird to be home with Julianne.. and its made me realise I should have spent some time this past year with her and ONLY her...

I got her fort done up finally. After about three months of planning its up and she's playing in it... Ropes and baby blankets pinned together. Simple really, but getting the hooks screwed into the walls at the right places to hold all the ropes up, then to get the ropes to STAY up.. and stick together and hold the blankets....

Mom is having a dryer dropped off tomorrow. gjdfghdfjklgahfjg Now what do I do? I can't afford paying $4 per day for a load of laundry, and if I leave it for a day its suddenly four days later and I have a mountain..

Guess I'll wash the kids clothes and only dry the blankets and towels and stuff that I really can't hang up, up here.

K I have to go read about the life cycle of a Lice now. ughuhuhfughjgkljf



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