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7:05 a.m. - 2010-11-24
steady as she goes....
Soo... nothing like getting the flu 20 hours before starting back to work...


Dorian was puking too, but by the time he started, I was already in bed, and Mom was here. I tried to get the kids supper, but I had to keep running to the bathroom, and I could hardly lift Dorian. So I called in backup.

Julianne had this bug on Sunday. Mom figures she caught it on Friday, it incubated for two days and on Sunday made its appearance. which is why Dori and I didn't get sick for two days.

Yeah, yesterday was not fun. I still have a ringing in my ears.

Dad is officially the 'primary buyer' and I am the 'co-buyer'. The car dealerships have found a loophole in the financial laws, which means I make the payments, the car is in my name, BUT Dad is on the hook for it if I don't pay. And it's a black mark on his credit (err, red mark?)

Anyways, BETH. DON'T FUCK THIS UP. Which I have no intention of doing. Dec is okay, I have three pays and possibly a tiny christmas bonus.

Jan and Feb should be tight, but with this meal plan I will be alright.

I just have to find out how much insurance this brand new car is going to cost me.. I have a meeting at 9am to find that out, adn get the papers.

At 3pm I have a scheduled appointment to pick up the car. weeeeeeee..

Im really excited. Its going to s.u.c.k. until my tax return comes in, but then I'll be alright, and the Family Responsibility Office should be getting my payments to me from Patrick by the spring.. hopefully. Unless he has something wicked up his sleeve...



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