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11:08 p.m. - 2010-12-01
future's so bright, where the fuckkk are my shades..
I can't wait until you win the lottery...

So. Im back at the bank. sort of. Im taking tomorrow off. Because I still dont have access (They knew I was starting Nov 15th, in SEPTEMBER, so its not like this was news to them.. fuckers)

so. yeah. Nothing has changed there, at all. My unit is even more cliq-y with the rest of the floor. Mostly because we are the cleanup crew and catch EVERYONE's mistakes, intentional or just plain stupid. People have decided we are 'Exclusive' because we can't be bothered to make conversation with the stupids who don't do their gd job !!!!!!!

England still works there, but he has kids, so I was expecting him to still be there.... Nice to listen to him talk whenever I wander by hehe

Julianne still has nits in her hair, unfortunately, I'm almost blind now, having squinted my eyes to death and I can no longer see the damn things.. So more chemicals for her hair, and I diligently comb adn squint for an hour, cutting out the offending nits. Haven't found a live bug in her hair since last Friday, Ive been cutting out nits every day... today a SHIT load of them became big enough for the naked eye (between 40 and 50, the sitter, my mom and I all went through Juli's hair)

Poor girl was exhausted by the time I was done and had fallen asleep on my leg.

soon she will look similar to a porcupine, as all of those little cut hairs grow out..Kris hasn't written back to me, Im trying really REALLY hard not to be angry about that.

And you know, do my whole alienating routine... something I have to work really hard at, considering this week has been pretty much from hell, with everything going wrong and not being able to get a routine in the morning OR at night..

Makes me cranky and crabby when I have to practically SCREAM at Julianne to get her to do anything... this is after four times repeating the same godamned instruction over and over only to have her wander in the opposit direction.. with Dorian screaming as well..

nooot veeery fuuun..

SO Im taking tomorrow off. Under the perception that I am cleaning the house and bedding and shit to clear it of bugs, but really, I'm going to do all the things I wanted to get done in the last week before I started back at work.. before the car episode, and the flu, and the new car shopping/nervewracking mess, and the flu, and the LICE..

yeah. I can;t stand to sit at the desk for another eight hours knowing the metric ton of work waiting for me at home..

Ive managed to organize an afternoon with Tali tog et the Christmas crap up.. ebacuse she actually enjoys Christmas and Julianne deserves to have Christmas decoratuions up now that she actually can anticipate it and know sort of what's going on..

Ohoh, and I did my budget today, when I couldn't take ANY MORE of staring at the screen repeating the same alt+tab shift backspacex12 alt+u alt+d enter enter cancel file, repeat, repeat repeat x40 files per page, x TWO HUNDRED PAGES. le'see that's uh 8000. Eight thousand files. So I have cancelled FOUR THOUSAND FILES in the past three days. ANd I have to check notes, and reminders for each file. Jesus. no wonder my eyes are fucking shot..

Oh, and when I'm done cancelling them? I have to check on the link to make sure the BRANCH CLOSED THEM. so I have to look EVERY ONE UP BY THE LAST NAME.


I'll ignore that though, because I don't have to do that tomorrow. Right. budget.

I figured it out, using the last pay I got last year, and did my budget for Dec, Jan, Feb and the start of March. I got my tax return on Mar15 last year, and I'm going to HOP ON THAT asap this year,as in, maybe sending it in before I get my T4s? Cuz I do it online doncha know, and they don't ask for the paper bits at all, they just compare to what they have or something. I don't know. I don't care either. Ya know, as long as I get something back because IM FUCKING POOR.

But not as poor as I thought I was... I budgeted everything, including groceries. and you know? I'm not down to ZERO anywhere!!! I just have to saved $360 from this month, to help me through Jan, and then after that, it should all sort out.. Even with my sitter increasing her rates... that reminds me, I should look that up.. ha. Tomorrow.

So I can afford a car. And once the tax return comes in? And the FRO payments after that? God damn. I will have enough to start an emergency fund, and to SAVE! HOLY FUCK! Actually SAVE MONEY!

And, uh, make an eye doc appointment.



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