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9:07 p.m. - 2011-01-18
cowboy stalker..
stolen from facebook

K so. I know its stalkerish, but I stole this pic from facebook..

I couldnt help myself. and dammit he should fix his privacy if he doesnt want shit like this to happen..

In other news, Im totally attracted to boys that would use me like dough and cut me into little tiny star shaped pieces...

It's such a nice comforting thought to hang on to though.

Oh and ps, he's totally dressed like AND making the face of Grim.. 'cept for the cross, he's pretty much perfect.

Needs a hat though. Cap, rather. black naturally. He doesn't like making eye contact. Some times he forgets to keep a blank face in front of the thoughts you scream at him...

k so lets see whether this entry worked properly.. or fi I screwed up the code.



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