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10:43 p.m. - 2011-01-19
its so hard, killing my darlings...
I'm trying another 'Readers On a Deadline', just cuz the pic could be Lucky, and cuz I want to see if I can win it again..

And for fun, Im going to post my zero draft here:

It goes faster if you stare into the rainbow, give in to it. When it happens every day you learn these little tricks. It knocks me out and shoves me into the Maybe. A girl in a miniskirt doing a line off the back of a rusty toilet. The walls are pale purple. The girl's hair is streaked with red, and her face is streaked with black. She's got hollow eyes. Awesome, I love the ones with a clear meaning.
I came back to the hallway, whistling air from my lungs. My body stays in the Maybe longer than my brain, and it stiffly catches on Trick's arms. He starts hauling me around the corner. Smart boy. I'll buy him a cheeseburger.
“What's going on here?” Shit. Vice Principal's a sneaky one.
“She just blacked out, I was going to try to lie her down out of the way.” Trick stops us in the doorway of a classroom. His eyes focused above my shoulder.
“She take anything?” What the hell?
“Uh, no, nothing.” Trick spluttered.
“How about you step away from her?” I'm not called Lucky for nothing, my body decided to come back at that moment.
I spun around and spit “Back. Off.” in the VP's face. His eyeballs almost drop out of his head.
“C'mon Trick, this place blows.” I wrapped my hand around his wrist and towed him down the hall. Screw school, I've got a hooker to save.

Check out the picture, it's about halfway down the page I'm too lazy to save it..

Nothing new to report. I think Im calling in to work again tomorrow. I got a shitload done today... Julianne's room is now sorted! and she has a makeshift fort! so now maybe she'll stop crawling into the TV stand.... maybe.

All of her toys have a place, and from now on when she gets new stuff, we're trading from the old stuff. So that she always has three toy bins, and one dressup clothes bin (big), and one dressup accessory bin. I have to go through her stuffies still. I'm going to abandon the big ones and try to keep most of the little ones. Im going to attempt a zoo type thing where there's only one of each kind. The bears need thinning for sure..

So Im pretending I have a sinus infection... thats the 'reason' Im not at work.. Im debating emailing my team lead and telling her that the antibiotics knock me on my ass and I cant come in tomorrow, but that I have a sitter for Friday ngiht so I can come in on Friday and just delay my afternoon dose....

yeah, see, Im FAR too inventive to stay with the boring old Bank.

Besides, I got hookers to save.



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