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9:49 a.m. - 2011-01-31
an almost car crash and a to do list
Let's recap shall we?

I was pregnant, just moved back to Dad's in St Ms. I was driving back and forth to Tims in Stratty. On afternoon at 2:42pm I hit black ice, and my tiny car was blown into oncoming traffic, I jerked the wheel towards the snowbank on 'my' side of the road and hit the gas. Mt tires caught on the wheel grooves and I spun crazily and didnt have time to breathe or think. When I could focus my eyes I was staring at the hood of my car, which was pointed in the direction that I had come from. The engine was still running. I took a second to check for traffic, then I punched the gas, drove my car off of the snowbank, pullede a U-ie and went to work.

S'pose that is pretty much the story of the past five years. Dazed and confused and not quite sure what was happening or what I was doing. But barreling forward regardless. An accident, almost, not quite. But my engine kept running. I never stalled. I got the shakes by the time I got to work (about 10 min later) and was crying in the bathroom ten minutes after that. Holding my belly and apologizing to Juli for almost killing her.

But that van didn't shatter my windshield across it's hood. I saw the snowbank and willed my car to end up there. It was a miracle that my car drive UP the damn thing (backwards) instead of smacking into it..

I have about eight hours of work to do.

-Put together 4 drawer dresser
-Move it downstairs
-Empty out 6 drawers and cram them into 4
-Move six drawer monstrosity upstairs
-Back to Dorians room and move 4 drawer into the space left by 6 drawer
-Put together single bed frame and toss mattress and boxspring on top
-figure out how the hell the bed is going to fit, along with the playpen and the rocking chair, while leaving room for me to change Dorians diapers on the bed and also leaving room for his door to open.
-Move my clothes into the 6 drawer monster
-Move four drawer plastic thing into Juli's room for dress up stuff
-move now empty princess tote to living room for building blocks.
-empty book shelf, move it to hall way
-empty movies out of two door wardrobe thing into bookshelf
-clear spot in entrance way for wardrobe
-move wardrobe downstairs (manage not to kill self on stairs with this heavy awkward thing with flapping doors)
-move all boxes and other shit into wardrobe
-move plastic house thing on to porch again

IF I manage to get all that done? I will reward myself with watching Supernatural tonight on my newly set up flat screen TV and 5 disc dvd player...

yeah. I better get started.



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