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9:33 p.m. - 2011-01-31
i also have a tv and a 5 disc dvd player hooked up not three feet from my bed. Luxury!

Julianne was getting over the flu last thursday and I didnt want to infect Patti or her family with it by dropping by her place to pay her for babysitting last week..

So I specifically asked Mom if she could pay Patti.. I asked if she had time to drop by Patti;s and give her the money I owed her...

"No problem, sure, Im practically driving right by."

I give her $60, saying that is too much but just to be sure she isnt stuck with too little.

Yeah. Patti just messaged me saying MOm didnt drop by to pay her last fucking week.

Yup mom just called, and she COMPLETELY forgot. She 'found' the money in her coat pocket and had nooo idea where it came from.

So now I'm only sort of angry, and sort of pissed off at the universe. Because really? Don't fucking give someone cancer and then alzheimers. THats just FUCKING cruel.

At least she didn't just spend the money. That's good. Because I would have had to take a 'snow day' this week sometime to make up that money.


So yeah. Didnt get everything I wanted to get done, but I am happily surprised that I got through putting together that bit o'furniture on my own without wanting to kill something..

Smodcasts do work, my brothers and sisters. If you are a fan of Kevin Smith humour, fucking check out (Just ignore all the Red State propaganda)

Oh and apparently Snomeggeddon is coming to southern ontario tomorrow night, so if Im not hanging out on the internets, its because I have no hydro/heat and I've gone somewhere else to survive (prolly Kris and Dave's as they have a functional fireplace)

Cheers fuckers! oh and ps, my inner monologue is now Kevin Smith. I have to say its pretty fucking awesome, and shit.



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