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11:42 a.m. - 2018-11-27
it's already 12:02pm
I get a new computer today. A real one, with parts that are replaceable, but also reliable because they come from my brother who's hobby is computer-putting-together.

I'm pretty excited to play warcraft tonight with actual fully realized graphics.

I keep buying things and telling myself (and others) that it's my christmas present to myself, and then the next time i get paid I buy another thing. I keep forgetting this having money thing is ongoing and I can probably start saving (on the sly of course, because if I save over $3000 then I lose my housing supplement, which means my rent with go up, uh, 300% (I dont know how accurate that statement is, my math with percentages is not good)

If I could get the 9000 spiders that live here with us to pay rent it would be a breeze. For now what they provide is eating all the silverfish bugs, so I only kill the spiders when they get big enough to trigger the sick feeling of my fear of anything with more than 6 legs. Centipedes and millepedes should be wiped from the face of the planet. full stop.

God how did i get to this horrid topic

There are 4 books on my desk that I fully intend to read but I've only started one. It's due back at the library in two days and I don't think I'll be finishing it. I like to think I read but I really really don't.

typically the internet is too shiny and I'm going to have to schedule reading time to make myself consciously think about how Im spending the majority of my life right now.

Im still trying to rest between shifts, especially on weeks like this when i know I'm working all weekend.

5 books. I just found another one buried under two journals that I scribble things I want to remember in.

I have a bunch of notebooks and journals that I'm bullet journalling in without knowing what bullet journalling was. Im hoping to get an actual bujo notebook for next year in which I can amalgamate allllll of these random scribbling and get things a little more organized for my brain.

I think maybe if I got on here in the morning and typed away for 20 min abotu whatever floated through my brain (kind of like 'morning pages') or if I miss it in the morning then I can do it before bed as part of my routine to wind down.

I had a dream about an explosion and I don't really want to think about it. Kind of like the car hitting my son dream that I didn't want to think about.

my keyboard is filthy.



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