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7:03 p.m. - 2020-04-25
its the stupidity that enrages me the most
Might have been exposed to the virus at work today. due to stupidity and negligence by someone in health unit ordered isolation who decided it was okay to use my portable debit machine. A health care worker decided it was totally okay to use my fucking debit machine. And also not say a goddamn thing about isolation while I was standing a foot from her.

Also, the person who took the call for the delivery at the dispensary decided not to call me in the car to update me on that little tidbit OR leave me a note on the delivery counter, and therefore i didn't know for a full two hours of deliveries.

I'm fucking livid. And I made it home without going back to that fucker's house to scream at them.

IF the health unit decides I need to be isolated I'm going to send my brothers to her house with two cartons of goddamn eggs.

fucking bullshit

alright i think im going to email the owners about the dispensary chick, because she did a stupid too, and she didnt even tell the pharmacist because when i went to the pharmacist once i had realized what had happened she knew n o t h i n g.



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