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2:43 p.m. - 2008-05-12
flying is like sex, except louder, and safer.
hmm. late today.

sleep deprivation to the point of sickness this morning. felt more hung then yesterday, which considering how much I drank on Sat, verses the nothing I drank on Sun.. doesnt make much sense..
julianne woke up three times, but was back to sleep all three times when I actually got my butt in her room..

too tired. guh. i should buy a lottery ticket. i hate working for a living and what I'd really like to be when i grow up is a doctor.. Pediatrician. but yeah, poor kids dont grow up to be doctors.

2 hours left. I have to finish the laundery clean up the downstairs and hang some stuff upstairs, maybe downstairs too. if I have time.

and Im hungry again. bleh.

more painkillers!

at least I know Im not pregnant.



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