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8:44 a.m. - 2008-05-13
they love to sparkle for you
late again, but not as bad as yesterday... I dont feel so much like shit either, so it looks lke Im making it to school and work today..

had a dream last night and woke up going who WAS that..

still dont know.. but he felt like home.

P still isnt getting it. he tried to kiss me outside, in public, in front of my house, with Jbaby in my arms.. so I not even half heartedly gave him a peck. I think he's hurt but I dont care.. I just want this to endddddd..

I just want your party to come.. apparently you can bike in like 1.5 hours out there.. HAHA. Im going to have to start friday MORNING to make it there before dark so I can pitch my tent..

reminds me, I have to call Dad and ask him about borrowing his tent..

Ive got the radio turned up I feel it in my chest and through the floor..

fall out boy came on and I cranked it..

I should ask alex for that album..

so many things I keep forgetting..

Im really pumped for the party.. briefly debated braiding my hair for the weekend.. but decided that its not worth the money it would cost for just a couple days.. its easier to just put my hair up and ignore it..

yeah hollywood, you know I love you more than one man should..



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