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10:36 a.m. - 2008-05-20
visit your steel dealer to find out more
skipped school to make cupcakes.

anytime i do anything bakingwise i think of sara, comes from living with her and the random baking that happened on peoples' birthdays and whatnot..

anyway, they are chocolate and i used a box for the cake part and a can for the frosting so I didnt screw them up.


hey there delilah

I cant wait to ride to work. ugh. not really. i hope this pays off..

mom put up a mirror in the hallway, since I glance at myself in the mirror everytime i walk by it I REALLY HOPE BIKING PAYS OFF..

cuz Im really disgusting.

maybe i'll have enough anger to make it all the way to school.. hopefully my butt wont hurt.. makes it so hard to stay on and actually bike..

the ipod is fucked btw..

it uh it doesnt play the lead singer?

except for deftones.

my ipod has a thing for chino..

j wouldnt sleep last night.. up every 1/2 hour after 4am.. and I kept dreaming of being in court with p..
feel like death but of course Ive used almost all my holidays/ill days..

one night of each of the past three weekends Ive gotten drunk.. how unusual.. bnd, out with bro + gf, and sun night with R, A, and that girl that used to work at zhers.. that you and t were friends with.. i'll email you about how she pretended not to know me.. haha


can I not just fastforward through the next five years?

im sloooowly printing off all the emails youve ever sent to me at work.. i have to start deleting them, incase I get in trouble.. for spending too much time on personal emails..

hmm.. I should probably start writing back ONLY at night.. like i used to.. yup.

k i have to pack a lunch/supper, have a shower and goooo

how many days until your party?? I should make a countdown out of sticky notes so i can rip a day off everyday and it will be theraputic(Sp)... haha or maybe just piss everyone off..

ok its not eleven oclock and i really have to go..



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