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8:39 a.m. - 2008-05-22
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So, I keep my bike, when I bike to work, inside the building, in the stair well, because tehres that space between the stairs and the wall that has nothing in it and I HATE riding a wet bike seat home, so I stick my bike in there during the day..

buuut its a motherfucking bitch to get IN and OUT of the heavy doors while trying to get the handles and the peddles out while wearing a backpack and trying not to hit someone else coming in/out..

SO last friday when I was getting by bike out and I made it! buut when I went to put my headphones on they were tangled in the cord which popped the ipod out of my pocket and it fell to the ground.

Now, it working fine until about halfway home a car turned right DIRECTLY in front of me so I had to slam the breaks and I sort of fell off the seat which jammed my knee into my chest, and subsequently crushed the ipod which was in my coat pocket..

Theres no physical evidence of the crushing, no cracks or anything, but now it only plays the song and back up singers.. not the lead vocals.. and Ive tried returning it tofactory settings and wiping it completely and starting over and nothing helps.. but it still charges and functions like normal..

except sometimes no sound at all comes out.. like it flashes green, but theres no music, so I turn it off and on a few times and it will work again after that..

hehe. its a gongshow.

anywooo.. Im so fubar'd at work.. Im on a Theme Committee, which used to do lamelame things like a FlowerSwap (bring in flowers and trade them on a certain day) and NOW all of a sudden we are doing OFFICE OLYMPICS and its NEXT WEEK and Im a TEAM CAPTAIN and I dont know who my team is yet and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

and Im also training from 4-8 for the next 100 years (ok six weeks) these kids that are going fulltime for the summer and one of them is DUMB. just fukkin DUMB. and I have no idea how Im going to train this kid..

aaand I dont know if I can still take my lunch between 4:45 and 6:15? and I dont know how Im supposed to get my OTHER work done while Im training?? or EMAIL YOU while Im training??? so many questions remain unanswered..heh so yeah stresssss..

plus p is being a dick and I just sent him a facebook msg that ripped apart our little 'relationship' because hes acting like a jealous boyfriend and I cant fucking take it anymore. so Ive officially ended our 'arrangement' and Ive also officially given him ONE four hour visit with Julianne a week because I cant take all this calling me and being pissed because Im not dropping everything to bring her over to see him because he has a short lived hankering to play with her..

So, we'll see how pissed he is about that.. I finished the message with:
'If you want to see her more, then take me to court. But since you have invited your friends over during your visits with her and have hardly ever called me to set up visits during the week, I don't think thats going to be an issue.'

I was a total bitch but Im tired, oh so tired, of going crazy and dreading seeing him or having to spend time with him.. Im really completely over it.

aaand now Ive spent waaay too much time on here and on facebook and bleh,

have a good day secret readers..



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