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8:10 a.m. - 2008-06-02
garden hose
Soooo L's bachlorette was on saturday night..

it was alright.. her sister-in-law is a BITCH tho, and was making me sober and crazy..

she had all this alcohol from the states and was going on and on about how much cheaper it was and about how it was 30 proof so thats like 40%.. uh, nope dont think so, im pretty sure it was the opposit.. like 15% MAYBE.

They tasted like fucking ASS, and made us gag and didnt get us drunk. like I took 4 of them (I felt bad they kept making L take them ugh) and ate 3 jello shots.. and was drinking rye and cokes.. i should have been FUCKED but I wasnt..

so over all it was alright, I got a pink cowboy hat with feathers and sequins for L to wear along with "Hot" "Wild" "Bride to Be" etc buttons.. which its a good thing I did, because they only got this little tiny sash that said bachelorette on it.. (I was sort of trying to recreate you on your birthday, with the sash around you, remember? so I had a BIG sash taht said THE PARTY'S HERE!, but it got veto'd for the tiny bachelorette one)

We were trying to play drinking games but M kept saying ah fuck it we're not drunk enough for these!

um right thats WHY YOU PLAY THEM so you get drunk you stupid cunt...

SO at 11:30 shes yelling at us to gogogogogo so we get ourselves sorted out and at the last minute she grabs Ls purse and tells her she cant bring it.. because L was trying to bring money and we were arguing that she didnt need it

but her house keys were IN HER PURSE...

so she went downtown with only her ID in her pocket

we started at sids, and then everyone realized that no one brought their camara and M was bitching that someone should go to shoppers to get a disposable one (meanwhile she was the one that forgot her camara ugh)

SO I went and bought 2, and came back and took three pictures and then M was like DRINK UP we're [email protected]!

ok so we went THERE because she wanted to get an electric popsicle.. um ok so alright next bar right?

no problemm..

then we get to Othellos and some of us get drinks and BEFORE anyone is done their drink she's saying LETS GOOO.. Ashleys beer was still so cold we couldnt chug it! and I didnt get a drink because I thought FOR SURE that we would stay longer at this bar.. but nope!

and L didnt get a drink! but we had to GOO, so at this point Im getting kinda really pissed at her.. but it gets worse..

we get to mollys, we GET A BOOTH AT MOLLEYS WHEN MCKENNA IS PLAYING.. and mckenna acknowleges L and the whole party because they are AWESOME like that.. and Siobhan is working so L is happy about that and Im taking pictures.. they give her a blowjob shot hidden in a martini glass of whipped cream and before we had finished cleaning L up from that M is yelling that we're leaving to go dance..

its barely 1am at this point..

we were all having fun at mollys.. I had one drink that I had to drink FAST because I was on picture duty.. AND WE HAD A BOOTH AT THE FRONT and chairs for everyone else, and R&A were there..

ugh I was SO MAD, and she left every single time without counting heads (10 drunk girls and me trying madly to count while getting L to come with us) so at mollys she left without T and I was saying well see you guys later Im not leaving someone behind. and then T came out of the bar.. thankgod.

so pissed.


L was having a hard time walking quickly by this point so T and I ended up helping her, then her sash and veil (penis and condom veil, and the penis' lit up!!) were falling off and M just kept walking and bitching

and we stopped to get lacey sorted out and then caught up,

and I half carried her up the stairs after a FIVE DOLLAR COVER (I gave the guy twenty to cover me and the next 3 people)

and then we stayed there for the rest of the night because I was like Im NOT LEAVING this shitty bar that I just paid twenty fucking dollars to get four people in..


oh yes the other part that made me want to kill her..

she has two kids.. one is a year and a half and the other is 3 months old, so she hasnt been out much ok, thats not the problem, she wanted to get real drunk too. also, not a problem..

SHE STARTED THE NIGHT DRINKING 'ICE CREAM DRINKS' which were a bunch of fruity liquours blended with vanilla ICE CREAM and a little rum.

so uh she was feeling sick BEFORE WE LEFT HER HOUSE, obviously, because she basically drank an insta-hangover.. dumb cunt.. SUGAR AND ALCOHOL DO NOT MIX when you are trying to get WASTED. what are you, fucking 14 yrs old??

and then the rest of the night complained that she was feeling sick and sober.. but wouldnt drink anything with a snappy "I cant drink that."


AND once we got upstairs, which was HER IDEA, she says to me and T, 'ugh, dancing is SO not my thing.'



So I left T with the coats and purses (poor girl, but i had to leave I was going to punch someone and that would have made the wedding TERRIBLE)

so I went and I danced for a while until H (nicely) pointed out that P was there WATCHING ME. selfconscious. stopped dancing and concentrated on catching L.. which is good because she needed a catcher..

and L had a GRRREAT time and was DUN, and Im really glad she has no idea how annoying M was..

so the end of the night rolls around, about 2:30, at the beginning of the last song I convince L its time to go, (after M and her friend LECTURED ME on making sure L gets home!! wtf, i realise you dont KNOW me, but what have I been doing ALL GODDAMN NIGHT???? Making sure no one gets left behind, making sure L gets to the next bar in one piece, making sure we have pictures for later.. FUCK, of course Im going to make sure L GETS HOME!!)

And they were going to leave her with H, who doesnt live with her parents anymore, so that was a terrible fucking idea, she lives on norfolk and so L would have got home in a cab, alone, and knocked on the door, HOPING that her mom was home (she didnt come out with us so we didnt know where she was)

yeah Im not sending little L in a cab when I know she's going to be really wasted and ALONE, and WITHOUT HER HOUSE KEYS.

So L came home with me and T (and P walked us home...??) and I tucked L in my bed and made sure she had blankets and a glass of water.. (she wanted to call her boy but he took two hours to get to us last time we called in the middle of the night so I said no, hehe)


I just needed to get all of that out..

it amazes me though, that siblings can be so different.. i was talking to mom about that on sunday, and we figured its because Im SO much like my brother, I just assume that other siblings will be the same when Im totally wrong on that..

ah i feel sort of better, im just hoping shes not such a cunt/control freak at the wedding..

AND I just finished filling out an application for an A03 job.. so I might have that in a couple weeks, which will be awesome.. its a year long, (mat leave) which is pretty much perfect, I'll get to come back to 'my' department for the last few months before I go to school next year..

also: just to let you know, T and I are just giving a card with a gift cert for moving help and a house warming present for M+L's wedding.. (they got an apartment and will move-in in July)
oh and they are registered at walmart and linens and things. just so you know :)
let me know if you still need me to pick something up from your moms.

k now its ten to nine and I still have to shower..

someday i will make it to school on time..

prolly when Im paying for it!



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