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8:57 a.m. - 2008-06-03
faith and rifles
i love this song... oh jonas..

heh they play it every other morningish, and I like those mornings..

prolly why Im never on time for school..

well, that and I always have several things I have to do before I go.. dishes laundry breakfast drinking coffeeeee

the radio guy just said that hes going to wear a mesh shirt on friday, because its too hot.

uuuhh, disturbing mental pictures..

i applied for an A03 job yesterday and I have AN INTERVIEW... TODAY..

so not ready for that..

but Im going to bullshit my way through and see how it goes..

okok im calling in to school and telling him i wont be there, because I wont get there until like 10:30 and thats just a waste of money to get off the bus for 1/2 an hour..

besides, i should get to work early and work on my interview cheatsheet..

aw i wish they would play that song again..

shower time



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