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1:43 a.m. - 2008-06-07
he's going to get his...

Im going to call the legal aid office and find out of I qualify for assistance in hiring a lawyer. If I dont, then i can get duty counsel and represent myself.

Im going to court and Im getting official full custody and child support.


Because the bastard almost killed me today, and Im absolutely DONE with all of this niceyniceness. Ive 'kept it friendly' for as long as humanly possible, and yes I may have used him for the Leonard Cohen concert.. and yes I feel sort of terrible for that.. but its LEONARD COHEN, he'll be DEAD SOON.. this was my one and only chance to see him...

anyways, enough of my guilty conscious that I shouldnt even have because P LOST CONTROL of his car many times as he was angrily driving me home..

We have a lot to celebrate tomorrow, so you better wear your drinking hat..



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