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10:23 p.m. - 2008-06-14
walkin on sunshine! and getting a lawyer!
So here is a copy of the 'conversation' I had with him over fb msgs..
-Begin Conversation
I said:
I have been thinking all week, and I honestly cannot say that I trust you enough to leave J with you. Between leaving her alone in an apartment that is not remotely child proof, to bringing her outside in 30degree weather (plus the humidity), into direct sunlight, I'm afraid the confidence I had in you has been badly shaken. Also, her hat WAS in her backpack, and the fact that there were only a few things in there, leads me to believe that you spent no time looking for it, and decided to take her outside anyway.
From now on, if you would like to have time with J it will be between 10:00am and 11:30am on Sundays and you will meet us at the park. I will stay with you and J for the duration.
I can't trust that your apartment is a safe place for her to be, and I can't trust that you know how to take care of her, not after last weekend.
I know this will piss you off, but please, for a moment, just consider this situation from my point of view. Put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself what you would do.

He said:
You're an idiot.

He said:
We put sunscreen on her and she was out only for 15 minutes, so fuck you.

He said:
And also it has nothing to do with your bullshit list of nonsense and everything to do yet again with the systematic way in which you're attempting to remove me from my daughter's life. So fuck off, I'm not meeting you anywhere for anything.
Go fucking die or something.

-End Conversation (because Im not going to dignify that with a response)

holy mother eh?
And he'd be SO pissed if he knew I was sharing this he'd call me childish and immature and a loser etcetc. This summer is going to be an interesting one for him.. to say the least.
And, darling, Im sorry in advance if this drama causes shit at your party!!! :(

hope you are having a good weekend.
As for me, Im pretty happy that this is officially and finally over and I can start the process of getting myself completely and finally untangled from him and all his shit.. like the first thing that poppedinto my head was that song you know, walking on sunshine, wooOOoooh Im walking on sunshine wooOOoooh and its time to feel good.. alright now..

yeah. pretty much sums it up!



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