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8:04 a.m. - 2008-06-27
sore throat sore tummy aaand no sick days left.. booooooooo
The guys are here to put a railing around the back 'porch', (which is more like a three foot high stoop) they are also covering the degraded cement with wood, so that will be MUCH better on toes and baby legs (she likes to sit beside me and 'count' the clothespins while Im putting laundry on the line).

I dont think either of these construction types are good looking.

Im happy that clinton and obama are FINALLY working together.. it really didnt make sense to be at each other's throat, they are on the SAME TEAM for godssake..

and just to make it perfectly clear, I dont expect you to disown him, nor do I expect everyone else to disown him either..
I think Ive just reverted to the state I was in RIGHT before him and I got together.. and it still hurts that they never call, but youre right, they wont call unless Im suddenly a poker player..

or interested in UFC (which I am actually, I mean, fight club is one of my favourite movies, and I like watching fights, but I dont care so much about them)

heh its kinda like pool,I like it and I will play it but its not necessary..

hehe and yeah they definitely cant organize themselves out of a wet paper bag hahhaha

because they cant COMMIT to ANYTHING, gah.

You have to have a list of whos gonna be there before you get anyone to say yes..

ok a little exaggerated.. heh but you are right, its been this way for eight years, i should be used to it by now..

but Im not.

I'll try to not get so stupid about it tho, and I will just call them.. actually thinking about it, AM has answered his phone the last few times Ive called him (like in the last six months, maybe three times, and he answered EVERY TIME!!) So I suppose I should be happy with that..

so the optometrist has yet to call me about my lenses.. sooo?? I dunno, Im thinking of just letting it go until next week, and calling on monday morning (I dont have school on monday OR tuesday woo!) Im just hoping that I get these new lenses before the party, I was hoping to have them before the bnd, but definitely by the party..

also: thank fucking god its friday... Im really getting bitter about this department and cant WAIIIT to get out next tuesday!!



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