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8:31 a.m. - 2008-07-07
Im starting to think that the mix and the pills just make you eat less, because its hard to remmeber to take them 1 hour and one 1/2 hour, respectively, before a meal..

like, really, am I supposed to be getting up 30 min early in order to drink the mix, and then slurping pills as soonas I open my eyes so I can have cereal?

something got on my foot yesterday as I was cutting the lawn and later I was scratching it and suddenyl it started burning..

so I ripped my sock off and it looks like I spilled hot water on it, but after the blisters heal..

so? I have no idea, and mom broke out the first aide kit, which I am bringing with me to the party, cuz it has some very convenient stuff, and if Im going to be a a nurse I might as well start being prepared..

anyways, so now I have gauze, etc, on my foot, to keep it from burning (everytime its in open air, it burns)

ugh. stinging nettle? some kind of bug bite?? I have no idea..

But I was wearing SOCKS and SHOES. what more do I need???

k so I have to go do something about the shower and walk to work with a sandwich in my pocket? I guess..

hehe. FOUR days.



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