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10:50 p.m. - 2010-08-22
genivieve, new beginning. maybe.
2778 is my wordcount for today. Dude. That's two hours of getting the new beginning down. Now Nathan is missing, her parents are dead and Gen's drunk. Oh and Leroy (warlock) saves her ass from an unknown number of vamps, while shes drunk. Other progress? I figured out what my incubus looks like. I still dont really know what Gen looks like.

Ive also decided Im using Diaryland just in case my comp crashes.. then at least I will have some of the story on here and I wont loose 1000s of words.

oh and 2778 was in about two hours. I can really fn go when I have a scene in my head.

Wanna read the seriously uneditted version????
Woop here we go!

Gen cursed and threw the heavy garbage bag across the driveway. It slid, ripping the bag apart and spilling clothes, picture frames and other bits across the pavement.
“Goddamned piece of shit.” She pulled up a pantleg and examined her shin. She wiped the blood on the inside of her pants and decided it wasn’t too bad, even though it was stinging like a bitch. Glass from one of the picture frames must have sliced through the plastic and her pant leg. She turned the key in the lock of her car’s trunk and it slid the lock open with a clunk. The creak of the hinges echoed up the street. Gen glanced at her neighbours houses, wondering if she was waking any one up, considering it was three in the morning. She stumbled as she went to pick up the strewn pieces of her parents life. Gen hefted the sides of the torn bag and felt a rush of vertigo as she attempted to turn and carry the ripped bag at the same time.
“Slow and steady, Genner, you light weight.” She laughed, her voice bouncing off the nearby house, and ending in a choked sound. She decided halfway through her second bottle of wine that she had enough courage to work on cleaning out her parents room. The bag half rolled half fell into the trunk, more than half the contents spilling into it.
“Well-ity, well-ity, it’s in.” Gen slammed the lid closed and stood, leaning against the car, her palms flat on the trunk. She stared at her reflection, the moon making her skin deathly pale. She wiped a few more tears away.
“Nathon.. I wish you were here.” She whispered, tracing the line of her cheek on the darkly painted metal.
She blinked a few times before realising there was another reflection beside her own. As she spun around, a dark blur ran beside the car and smashed into it. She flailed, trying to grip her car as she lurched backwards, away from the fray. She lost her balance and landed heavily on the pavement and she sat stunned for a moment.
“What the fuck is going on..” She looked out over the street and blinked. There was no one pummelling someone else, no one sprawled on her driveway.
“Jesus.. I think it’s time for bed..” She rubbed her eyes with the palms of her hands. Steel bands wrapped around her ankles and she twisted her upper body, trying to find a hand hold to stop herself from being pulled under the car. She sucked in cold air to scream or maybe breathe but she came to a stop suddenly. She was wedged under the car, her face was inches away from the undercarriage. Thank Christ she had put her winter tires on the car, or her face would have been scraped off and left just under the bumper.
The bottom of the car flew away from her face and her midnight blue baby smashed into the middle of the street. Gen sat up scrambled to get in the house. She only knew of one thing that could throw a car and like hell she was going to sit still while a fang pinned her.
The noise of someone scrambling against the pavement made fear cramp her stomach and she stumbled. She was scooped up and thrown across someone’s back. Gen kicked and punched, her legs and arms not finding anything solid to connect with. Black swirled around the edge of her sight as they flew over the threshold and the door slammed behind them. There was a brief scream of rage from outside the door and Gen was dumped onto the couch.
Gen gulped in sweet, sweet air. She leaned against the back of the couch, her vision getting clearer until she recognized the guy standing in front of her, gesturing and muttering. He was staring at a spot on the wall above her head.
“Wha’ th’ fuck, Leroy? Who threw my car? What th’ fuck are you doin’ here? Why are you peekin’ out my curtains?”
Leroy sighed and twitched the curtains closed again. Her mother’s curtains. Her mother had bought the material and sewn them herself when she couldn’t find anything she liked at the home décor stores. Gen blinked and shook her head. Then moaned when her brain sloshed a little inside her head and the room started spinning.
“Answer me, damn you witch.” Her head started to pound.
“How much did you drink tonight Gen?”
“What th’ fuck d’ you care? Doesn’t matter.”
Leroy gritted his teeth.
“I told Nathan I would keep an eye on you. And everytime I check on you, your either curled into a ball on your bed, or roaring drunk.”
Gen chest squeezed a little bit and the room straightened out enough for Gen to look at Leroy. “Have you heard anythin’?” She squinted, trying to see Leroy’s tell. His eyebrow twitches right before he lies.
“Nothing. Not a goddamn word from him in over six months.” Nope, not lying.
“Can’t you, I dunno, hocus pocus and know where he is?”
Leroy sat heavily on the other end of the couch, his faces twisted up a little, like he’d bit something unpleasant and was trying like hell not to spit it on the floor.
“No, I can’t ‘hocus pocus’ him. I could have set a tracer on him before he left, but he didn’t think there was a need. Look, kid, there’s something going on, and I don’t have a handle on it yet. There are fangs outside your place almost every night.”
Gen’s head was jackhammering.
“C’we maybe talk ‘bout this later? M’head is killin..”
Leroy ran a hand over his face, and flicked it towards Gen felt her eyelids get real heavy and her brain was wrapped in grey fog. She crossed her arms, and wished for a blanket. “Sleep now, Gen. Sleep that shit off. I’ll watch the house.”
Gen slid over to the arm of the couch.
“Don’t eat all my food.” She muttered as the charm pulled her down into a dreamless sleep.

Leroy pulled the afgan off of the back of the couch, rucking up Gen’s shirt.
“Shit, girl, what the hell happened to you?” He whistled through his teeth, leaning in a little to examine the scars that wrapped around her side over her ribs. He could imagine how cut up her back had been before those scars formed. He gently tugged her shirt down, and covered her with the blanket.
“Nathan, man, you sure know how to pick’em.” He dug his cell out of his trench pocket and tossed the long coat over the only other chair in the room. He moved into the lower half of the split level home and checked the back yard through the small windows as he dialled.
“Hey Sam, I won’t be back until morning, might be afternoon even.”
“What happened?”
“She was skunk drunk, and decided to heft a bag of shit out to her car. The vamps tagged her after she cut up her leg on something sticking out of the bag. Im not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t blasted the sucker.”
“So what now? You bringing her here?”
“Nah, over to Goldie’s. I think it’s time we brought everyone in to meet her. If we don’t get her up to speed soon, Nathan won’t have a girl to come back to.”
“Heard from him?”
“Nope. At this point, I doubt we will. Can you call cleanup and get a car from the middle of Renway Drive?”
“Taking up a new hobby flippin cars?”
“Yeah and drinking blood, but only on Saturdays. You spread the word about a meeting at Goldie’s and with any luck we’ll get something figured out.”
“Search and rescue?”
“Or search and destroy. We’ll see what council says. I’m not moving the normie until full daylight, and only if she’s not still hungover.”
“Nothing like babysitting on your weekend off.”
“Shut up Sammy.”
“Let me know when you’re moving yeah? I hate sittin out at Goldie’s.”
“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. She really liked having you last summer, she probably wants to catch up. Nice long chat in her bedroom maybe.”
Sam hung up and Leroy chuckled as he clicked the phone off and put it down on the rug. Nothing like ribbing a guy for a time when he had no choice but to hide for months waiting for his skin to grow back. Weres are a bit tempermental when they can’t shift, and Lord knows Goldie enjoys a challenge when she sees one.
With both hands flat on the wall he started his wards. With any luck he’d have them finished in twenty minutes, and be able to catch a few hours before daylight. And then he’d get the normie safe, and be able to leave town on a vampire hunt without breaking an oath. While he was at it, he might as well hope for a million dollars and model girlfriend. He stretched his aura tight and blew it up like a balloon until it fit snugly around the inside of the room. He planted his feet and braced for the powershock. A tug on the ley line nearest the house and with a faint pop it bubbled over the walls. Flexing on the line diverted the energy into his legs and out his hands pushing the bubble to the extreme outlay of the house. Split levels were fun, because you could walk a few feet and down a set of stairs and know exactly where the house ended. You didn’t have to link leys together with your aura to make a shield. Shielding was incapacitating, and would require him to lay on the floor practically comatose for hours.
And would also require a backup. God knows Leroy wanted nothing to do with partnering any of the local ‘locks. Nothing like tying yourself for life to a high maintenance himbo. Or a batshit crazy witch.
He finished and pulled his palms back to watch his runes fade to nothing. Maybe the luck that caused Gen’s parents to buy a house built on a line would hold. And maybe the sun would explode tomorrow. Hey, you never know.

Gen’s eyes slammed open and she leaped up from the couch. And immediately stumbled into the coffeetable.
“Why the fuck am I down here?” Nausea spread over her in waves and she gingerly climbed up the stairs to the bathroom trying not to upset her stomach further by running.
After heaving a whole lot of nothing into the toilet, she splashed some cold water on her face and brushed her teeth. When she checked the mirror she noticed the mark on her forehead and closed her eyes against the rush of memories. Leroy had fucking put her to sleep! And smashed her car!
“Oh fuckity fuck. Happy Sunday to me.”
She stepped into the hall way and instead of turning right into her own bedroom, she walked down the hall to her parents room to turn off the light and shut the door. She didn’t bother looking at the mess she had made. Trying to go through that when she was hammered wasn’t her best plan. Maybe she should just light a match. Might be easier to watch it burn then to go through everything that her parents held dear.
In her room she rummedged through her dresser, trying to find something comfy that wasn’t too hot. Long sleeved something, cotton. Shorts, sure. They were both clean.
As she started pulling the shirt over her head she smelled coffee. She caught herself waiting for the rustle of her Dads newspaper and bit her lip to keep the tears from falling. In eight weeks she hadn’t made coffee.
She slipped back into the bathroom, deciding that a shower would do her some good. She cranked the water to hot letting the room steam up, as she slipped into the worst memory, the one that made her heart ache so much she had locked it up.
She took a breath and got in the shower, the hot water stinging her skin, matching the sting on her heart.

She had woken up to voices downstairs. Groggily she slunk down the stairs into the kitchen to see coffee made, and further into the tiny diningroom to see Nathan at the table. She looked out the kitchen window to a grey day and motioned at Nathan, who was talking with her Dad. Horror crept into her face as she thought of her Dad making small talk with her boyfriend. Her vampire boyfriend. Who might burst into flame if the sun peeked through the clouds at the wrong angle.
She gestured wildly at him, but Nathan just smiled and beckoned her into the diningroom.
She ignored him and pulled a mug down from the cupboard, getting her breathing under control. This was a nightmare, a terrible nightmare and the sooner she sat down at the table with her father, the sooner she would wake in a cold sweat. She took her time stirring in sugar and cream.
“Did you fall asleep in there?” Her Dad’s voice pulled her into the diningroom. A brief smile on her face.
“There’s my little sleepyhead. Nathan came to the door this morning, and brought us breakfast. Maybe he can convince you to get up earlier than noon.” Her dad winked at Nathan, who laughed.
Gen forced another smile as her Mom came in from the back garden. She stomped her way into the basement. Something crashed noisily and her voice drifted up to the diningroom.
“Reg, can you come help me with this?”
Gen’s dad rolled his eyes.
“She’s having trouble with those huge rubber boots again. Think I can convince her to buy practical duckies next time?” He ruffled Gen’s hair as he got up to help his wife.
“Doubt it Dad, she loves her pink boots.”
Gen glared at Nathan as her dads footsteps were heard going gently down the basement stairs.
“What?” His eyes were twinkling and the grin on his face almost made Gen forget why she was glaring.
“Explain. Now.”
“I thought it was time I met your parents.”
Gen rolled her eyes.
“I was talking about the sunlight? Are you not supposed to be sleeping underground or something? You’ve always disappeared at dawn.”
“Just because I disappear, doesn’t mean Im hunkered down in a grave somewhere. Direct sunlight is a problem, but I won’t burst into a fireball. I’m old enough that it would take a while before I started smoking.”
“And you thought that now was a good time to tell me this? What the hell were you talking to my Dad about? How long have you been here?”
“Long enough. Your mother was already in the garden, so we talked sports. And you. He asked about my intentions.”
Gen choked on her sip of coffee.
“And what did you say?”
“I told him I was patient, and believe in a long courtship, but that my intentions were honourable and as soon as I find a pretty enough ring I would let you know exactly how honourable.”
He got up from his chair and knelt beside her chair.
“Oh Jesus, don’t you dare!”
“I haven’t found the ring yet, love.” He was smiling that mischievious grin again.”But when I do, you will be the first to know.” He took her left hand in his and pulled it between them, turning Gen in her chair to face him. He kissed her ring finger.
“Hopefully when I do find it, you will hold back on the oaths to God’s son and give me a straight answer?”
“Of course I will but seriously, can my brain wake up? Its too early in the morning for me to handle you and my parents, and you and the walking around in daylight thing. The next time you decide to break a vampire rule could you at least wait until after noon?”

Someone knocking on the bathroom door killed the memory of Nathon’s laughter,
“You alright in there?” Leroy’s voice was almost drowned out by the sound of the shower.
“Yeah, Im fine, I’ll be out in a minute!” Gen tossed some shampoo on her head to at least give the illusion that she had done something other than cry in the time she had spent getting raisin fingers. At least the shower had killed what remained of the nausea. Maybe she wouldn’t have to deal with a hangover today. Or maybe she was still a little drunk.



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