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12:06 p.m. - 2010-10-19
all together now..
Nikki needs to get on here... Im gonna send her a message on facebook and see if I can get her on.

I dont feel nearly as terrible today. I fucking HATE getting my period.. I literally lose my mind for about three or four days a month.. and then spend a week on painkillers... which uh isnt much different except less crying..

Dorian is awake,but not screaming yet so Im staying up here.. like a horrible mother..

Maybe when we get older, and our kids are teenagers, maybe then we can get it back.. not the same obv because we will all be like forty years old or older so we would be able to drink four nights in a row, but maybe then we will bea ble to get together more often.. at least I will be able to leave the fricken house to make road trips.. and if we could get togehter more then once or twice a year... maybe we would be better..

okay he's starting to get pissed down there so I better go get him.. poor kid..

i'll message nikki.. A's right, I am a terrible friend, but maybe I can do something..



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