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2:48 p.m. - 2010-10-27
we're all alright
I did a stupid stupid STUPID thing today..
but it turned out alright. so I dont know what to think about myself.

Oh and I'm going to stop fucking confusing myself and just write out peoples' names. If I get in trouble for talking about someone, I'll deal with that later... anywho, on with the show:

Today is Linda's thanksgiving dinner. Patrick apparently is working. 3-11.
Last night Patrick called, asking if Julianne was going to school today (he hates this all day every day learning thing, he thinks its utter bullshit, even tho its PERFECT for Julianne)
And of course, she is at school every day, because I know she loves it and she would HATE me for keeping her from her little friends.. so.

Then he asked if I could come over with Dorian so he could see him. He cursed about having to work and about his mom inviting over her family. I ignored it.

THe conversation ended with me and Dorian being picked up by Patrick at noon.

UGH. what the hell was I thinking? I got off the phone and freaked out on the inside. Im too goddamned soft.

My lawyer is DAYS away from serving him his papers and what do I do? Agree to be trapped at his moms place with him and a baby and no way to get home if he gets served while Im there.

AND then I thought oh fuck he's already got the papers and this is his sneaky ploy to get me over there so he can scream at me.

I ended up getting the car from mom and magically showing up at Linda's at 11. Patrick wasn't awake yet. It was all good.

And then Linda's family showed up in force, so it was even better (despite having to deal with her family, which are batshit like she is and give you advice for EVERYTHING without you asking for any... ugh)

So it turned out pretty well. Patrick didnt have the papers and didnt get served while I was there, and I had the wheels to get the hell gone once Dorian got cranky and wanting his afternoon nap.

I SHOULD BE A BITCH. I shouldnt feel bad that he's not seeing his kids every other day.. this is NOT MY FAULT. He can't take care of them, and refused to look after them..

I took a book with me, so that he would HAVE to keep his eye on Dorian.. worked a lot better than I thought it would ! and then more people showed up so I had to put the book down, because I wasnt trying to be a rude asshole.. not to them anyway.

Patrick is so so soo bitter. It is amazing to see it. I don't see him much now so it is glaring at me everytime I look at his face..

UPDATE: It is now 10:30, and my window closed, my computer shut down.. AND THIS ENTRY WAS SAVED ! Its a miracle..

Im not going to add the rest of the tomfoolery of the evening, suffice to say the kiddos enjoyed themselves at Nanas, and mom and I went out for dinner on her dime (I cant wait until Im rich and can get her back for all of these dinners)

AND Ive discovered Jim Butcher. So far Im only in 13 pages.. and its awesome. Book's called Proven Guilty. Its the seventh(ish) book in the series, Im an idiot and didnt realize that there is an entire separate section for paperbacks at the Ive been rooting around the hardcovers, looking for lowbrow literature (aka urban fantasy) and have pretty much banged my head against the dividers in frustration.

yeah, so, off to the paperback sec tomorry.. despite having 8 books out already.. I'm pushing myself to read back at my grade seven level (I could read seven lines at a time then, cross my heart honest, now Im at about four or five on a good night.)

k, im checking my balance, and making sure rent is there (come on creative accounting!!) and then? more to help me um focus tomorrow. and then? MORE BUTCHER! heh.



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