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11:13 p.m. - 2010-11-10
ohh the wonder of strangercrushes

This is stupid how exciting this is.

OK I'll confess, its mostly because I got word today that I will be going back to the unit at work, not venturing into a new(hostile) unit.

So I think the euphoria from that has leeched into my checking my other email address to discover Fredde wrote me back.. And its stupid, just about stereomood and how he's making his own site instead (redoing the one he has I guess)

Anyways. I asked him another question. Because I genuinely want to know if he's coding it himself..

delete delete delete. Lets summarize and not bore you all to death:

I'm a crazy fan girl. Always have been, and apparently always will be. I thought I would grow out of it, but noooo..

Its like when Andrew (of Diaryland) emailed me back those couple of times (and then I ran out of things to blather about, so I stopped writing to him, and Im sure he's better off)

k off to check the diarylovlies and then to bed with my silly heart.



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