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10:20 p.m. - 2010-11-14
dreaming technicolour
ohhh.. wait til you have kids.. you wont have any more room to feel guilty about anything except the millions of things to do with them...

WoW lured me back in.. 7 free days, which are half over. Ive spent the last few days ninja-ing the patch on, fighting with my pos system to keep it loading long enough to get the patch, and then stay on long enough to install all of the shit from this huuuge gd patch... I think the last time I played was before Dorian was born.. so yeah a year ago.. weird.

anyways. its loaded. I spent one hour on there last night. JESUS. Not even one quest completed. I just spent the time running around and dying and trying to remember what the hell character I was playing the most and what hotkeys do what and how the hell do I exit this fucking thing?

I really hope I win the lottery. Then I can play warcraft for a year, get my four chars to level 80 or whatever the cap is now and THEN I can open up my speciality book shoppe. For scifi and fantasy ONLY. And there will be books for all ages. but only SCIFIFA. And I will be open seven days a week. The same hours each day (9am to 9pm). I will give all of my employees benefits and everyone will start at $15/hour. Raises every quarter.

Thats just off the top of my head. There will be a tip jar. It will be a TINY store so only one person on at a time (plus ME of course, stocking and organizing, it would be my own personal library..) New and gently used (as I am going to read everything that comes through the door.

k. so. I'm going to go back toplaying warcraft for an hour. then bed.

OH I may possibly might maybe have my car back on Friday!!! Expensive alternator replacement, plus stickers, and insurance. eee.

And have I said? My court date is Dec 13th.

Busy month ahead. And Dorian cut two molars today. at the same damn time, and two more are moments away from making him scream in agony, poor boy. I've been keeping him as doped as I can, without my guilt crippling me and my paranoia thinking Im killing him..

looking back over the past few days he has been really REALLY miserable. Its hard to tell sometimes, because he screams constantly, happy or sad. but in thinking back, he was screamy and nothing helped, not food, not toys, not his sister, not me, nothing.

yeah. fun. frickkkk. I really want a bookstore now. erg.



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