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11:43 p.m. - 2010-12-10
lazy eye silversun
k so, dad's christmas tomorrow. and right on schedule, Im sick, Juli's sick, Dori's uh, still sick / teething.

Theres a reason why Kris doesnt read this, its because I like to bitch about her from time to time..

I knwo she's busy but FUCK don't ask how my week is going, and not say ANYTHING back.. specially because I asked her for a favour at the end, and well, I enever ask for anything unless its kids stuff and the carseat is EXPIRED so really..


OHH right I knew I had news to share...
I havent been brave enough to sign on here at work, my desk faces the wrong gd way, so EVERYONE in my unit can see my screen, but they are all BEHIND ME so I cant see when they are looking.. fuckin sucks.. ahh well.

anways, I got a call from my lawyer today, Patrick finally came in with something, and it wasn't a lawyer!!

He just filled out his financial statement like a good little boy and dropped it in at my lawyer !!

Which means he's not disputing ANYTHING!!

Which meeeeeans.. in short order, i will have TWO weekends a month freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee AND will be receiving regular child support payments IN ADDITION to babysitting help payments !!!

And it will enable me to start SAVING! you know, for those emergencies, like LICE and a baby who is CONSTANTLY teething..

or maybe a car breaking down.. but we wont talk about that just yet, it's not even a month old..

Actually I filled the tank for the first time ! ever! $40.53 to fill it upupup. And its got sensors out the ass, so i can't top it to the tippy top, i get cut off. And I cant push it passed the flashing gas light, because it will just power down..

I think perhaps I purchased a spaceship instead of an automobile..

It LOOKS like a spaceship inside.. im constantly checking for my blinkers in the wrong spots..

BUT my sched is coming together.. Ive been slightly less homicidal this week. I'm hoping that the coming weeks will increase this trend until I forget what its like to be at home, without having to run for work every day...

*wistful sigh*

well, you know, 5 years and I'll be authoring from home so really, I only have to put up with it for that long..

Dorian turns one in six days.

I, uh, haven't planned anything. Poor kid, he's always going to have Christmas eating away at any birthday happiness...

When he gets older I might switch to celebrating in June.. just to really give him the day you know? although he might really like going snowtubing....

what the hell am I saying, he's a tank, he'll prolly be the one stnaing up on the gd tube...

THere are women around me at work with various teenage kids.. and I still am TERRIFIED of that whoooole bushel... I have some time, which I think is why I dont go into a heart attack when I think about it...

yeah i should go to bed.. i have to find Juli's pics from school first.. fuckin things. I stared at them for OVER A MONTH in the kitchen and then MOVED THEM UP HERE because Im a dumbass...

ohoh and HSTrebate moneys came through today... *another happy dance* I'm so ON BUDGET it's ridic..

Helps when its too cdamn cold to smoke..(yes Im a seasonal smoker.. only when its drinking season)


Party at my place in Feb.. because thats when I guess all this 'visitation' shit will be sorted out.. just in time for my BIRTHDAYYYY.. woo! Amy and I are gonna get .. slickered. yeah.



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