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11:59 p.m. - 2010-12-17
when im a rich and famous author.. my bedroom will be heated
SO have I said this? I forget, bear with me...

I think a LOT of things throughout the day/night and cant remember what the hell I actually put here.

My point that Im trying to pin down is:

VOCALS. I am apparently entirely about voices and how you put a song together. or rap (as evidenced by my screaming along with Eminem at 8:55am every gd day, ps, that man DOES NOT BREATHE EVER. It's hard to keep up to the good parts dammit)

goddamnit is apparently the word of the month. I keep typing it.. even when it makes no sense.

Im reading Heaven's Spite and I seriously need to invest in some craft books, I can't read the good stuff with my kids in the room. I ended up putting them both to bed (late for Dorian, early for Juli) and abandoning them both to tears, as I came up here and cried myself..

It is not very fun when both kids are SUPER sensitive to whatever is floating around from your own emotions...

It's Lilith Saintcrow, so I ADORE this damn book of course and Im choking almost to death because the protag is fucking her life sideways... and I havent finished it yet..

I kept reading, and crying, until I hit that moment after you cry where you have a ton of energy (am I the only one who gets that?) Kind of like sex, its exhausting for a little while, and then Im SUPERWOMAN, so I cleaned up the kitchen and sorted out some papers and now Im here...

er, facebook, hotmail, and here. yeah.

I need to check my mailbox for the statement of account from the lawyer... I want to know if my calculations are correct or if I am truly fucked.. I could hardly concentrate on work for two hours this aft.. I was thinking about the flurry of activity that had to happen at 5:01 so that I could get groceries for supper, and get over to get the kids and pay the sitter and get the kids home and inside and safe and make the supper ETC ETC

Plus I was fiddling about with the creative accounting but without knowing exactly how much this lawyer costs... yeah i dunno. Im banking on about the same cost.. because the papers were already filed, all she had to do was type up the minutes, and file them.. and spend three hours at court.. but that wasnt my fault that was patrick and his non existant lawyer-ness.

I NEED STAMPS. my cards are going to be late and its stupid but Sobeys doesnt sell gd stamps... so how can I get them?? I should have asked at 711...

Sunday I think, I can get some from Zhers maybe?

I can always smell when mom is cooking.. onions and bacon... mmm.. but Im not hungry just tired and coooold.

k bed. or maybe some ZUMA....



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