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11:09 p.m. - 2010-12-20
mm pixie covers on a piano..
last one tonight i promise:

Julianne shoplifted a hair clip from the hair dressers today. One of the huge ones the 'dressers use to pin up your hair to cut bottom layer first. Its pink and huge and would be SO HANDY to use whilst nitpicking.. but she stole it. In her pocket. And I didn't drive back and make her return it because we had two goldfish in the front seat that needed to be brought to our tank PRONTO..

So how do I reinforce stealing isn't a good thing when I really want to use what she stole?

ugh, i hate being a parent.

Im going to get some of those big clips tomorrow from the dollar store and just make this particular pink one disappear.

I'll have LOTS of opportunities to talk to her about stealing, apparently. So I'll let this one slide.. ugh.

ALSO: Is it a sin to bring a kid who has had an ongoing battle with headlice to a salon?? I feel like a heel.. but what the hellllll her hair was on her shoulders and I dont have time to do two good thorough checks a day on her.... Im barely getting one in..

And Kris wouldn't answer me dammit.

I promise that blue shit they put their combs in will kill anything..

I'm Sorry!

Sometimes I feel like I should get that tattoo'd on my arm, so I can just stand there with it facing the sky for a few moments a day to sort out my guilt..

I'm making notes.. for a real REAL handbook on parenting. A FREE ONE. That I can litter around like propaganda from a plane.. Cuz this trial and error shit really fucking blows.



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