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1:05 p.m. - 2011-01-05
Dear Ontario Government, and Government of Canada,

I know I have bitched in the past that there's no point in voting because of that party thing where it's 'First past the post' or whatever, but I just wanted to thank-you. Despite not knowing which one of you gives me money, Im still grateful.

As a low income single person with dependants, I greatly appreciate the money that comes into my bankaccount each month. I also greatly appreciate the $1000 extra that is being paid out this year to offset the HST. ALSO Im very fucking thankful for the GST cheque that was deposited today into my account.

Ive finally worked out 30min meals, and they dont include hotdogs OR macncheese, so this $190 is greatly appreciated to help me get the ingrediants for this... as these ingred will last me a month or more.. these recipes are pretty awesome, and serve a lot of people (12?!) so I can save portions for lunches easypeasy.. and not have to buy lunches. I finally feel like I'm going to be okay.

So thanks, for everything. You're more supportive than the damn sperm donor.. and everyone always complains... and this is an anon letter in a locked diary that very few people will read...

So can I just promise to do my research during the next election? And I promise I will vote!



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