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7:43 p.m. - 2018-08-26
time to worship the old gods again, i can hear whispers on the wind
So I've watched a lot of shows on netflix about the British Royal family, how they evolved into the royal family watched by the world. Both fictional accounts (the crown) and a few episodes of the historical version with various smart educated British people explaining why certain things are tradition and must be kept that way and how enamored they are with them... and there's this light in their eyes..

I just keep thinking about the hundreds (thousands?) of families touched over the last century of serving the Royals over every single holiday and journey, ever blade of grass cut, every silver spoon polished, every horse brushed and fed and trained.. and all the families touched by all the royals in the world..

What's it like having that kind of purpose in life, a devotion to people who are just people but you believe they have been chosen by God to set an example for all people, to lead them, ...

Now I'm watching Troy, the fall of a city. And my brain is drawing parallels to the devotion of the Greek/Roman Pantheon and the devotion to the Crown. I mean, it's a stretch for sure, but..

I don't tknow. It's wiggling away in my brain.There's some kind of thread there, a thread that has been common in all of human history. We desire something greater than ourselves to serve, to follow, for the most part. Even if that something is a fleeeting thought or feeling about someone that doesn't have a tangible quality to it except in our own heads.

That desire, or basic piece of being human that's been a part of our existence forever, has evolved into the cult of celebrity and paparazzi photos and unending gossip about rich people, that occasionally includes the Royal family, but mostly focuses on billionaires that have starved thousands of families to get where they are in the name of 'business'.

Even those that claim to be 'alpha males' or whatever the fuck, they were once children and teenagers and idolized someone... and are attempting to build something similar or else eclipse it and become 'great' themselves.So they to are serving an idolized version of someone or an elusive feeling that being near someone gave them..

In this society, chasing money is idolized.. but this is late stage capitalism and y'all are looking the wrong way.



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