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1:04 p.m. - 2018-09-07
Waiting for the flakey sewing lady to text me, so I can find out about this week’s work.. whether she’s dropping it off or if I’ve been fired from this pseudo job or.. ???

Yesterday her and dad went to check out a sewing machine that was for sale, but.. that didn't happen. Talking to people over the age of 60 through text messages is seriously difficult.
Something about 'her not texting so it wasn't on the porch', I don't know if sewing lady was supposed to text or if the lady selling the machine didn't text and wasn't expecting them or what.

It doesn't really matter, except that it's my dad and sewing lady (who are in a sort of relationship thing, but she can't handle calling it that, so they aren't calling it that, and she flakes out and doesnt talk to him for two weeks and it's just weird.)

i think the door to my apartment just opened wtf False alarm. but she did just text me, so win there i guess.



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