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11:19 a.m. - 2019-12-08
pick up every stick
I made a playlist of all the songs I could find from Push on spotify. Now I'm listening to the radio spotify made based on that playlist and half the songs are blowing my mind. Except it keeps updating every time i 'like' a song...

algorithm got me like.

meditated this morning, the vid i picked from youtube because of the length mentioned lotus again. I know it's a theme of the meditation genre but since I havent done a guided meditation in months it surprised me.

It's in a song I heard earlier this week, mentioned in the book I was listening to yesterday, and in the meditation this morning. So I look them up, and they ~are~ water lilies, so it is the flower from Push.

So the dream I have about the tattoo? Guess that's part of it too. Although I'm not sure if I'm supposed to watch for the tattoo or get it myself to be the symbol for someone else.

Guess that's the next synchronicity to watch out for?

And I'm going to continue to do this meditation vibrational healing thing, because it lines up and it calms me down to feel like I'm doing something, and makes the pressure in my head less.

'Healers' tend to influence how much hemoglobin the body makes, it's a statistically measurable increase in a lab if you care to measure it.. So maybe that's why I feel like I've got too much all the time and donating blood makes me feel 'normal' again.

I mean, it's better then the blood letting thing, even if the dreams say to do it myself. I don't think it's a current myself, but a past myself. fuck im going to have to start a dream journal arent i. damn it.

Alright alright i'll get ready for work.



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