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1:44 p.m. - 2020-01-15
Loial blinked at the Aes Sedai
always tired

i cant seem to fall asleep before midnight these days

but laundry is under control, and so are the dishes

Im making food every day and eating the leftovers

i got my 'undercut' or whatever you call the short sides of a mohawk buzzed. they only missed one spot, so i won the hairdressing school's lottery

got my script refilled for my meds, so i wont run out this week. apparently my doc didnt want to talk about it like he said when he perscribed it three months ago because he refilled the script when the pharmacy called about it. Filled it for 6 months.

C is going to give me some CBD to help me sleep. My pride wants to say no, no nono, you've done so fucking much i cant take anything else from you. but I wont say it out loud. I'll just pay him back for it so he can buy more of the gels he's using so he's not missing any grams from his monthly dose. I dont think I said that to him yet. Now Ive written it hear I wont remember to tell him until i go to pick up the oil.

fucking brain.

Im gonna do that thing where i lie down for an hour in the middle of the day, because i cant keep my eyes open, because im actually eating regularly and my body is like whaaat the fuuuck now i have to process this food

my audiobook has been playing this whole time and i havent heard a word



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