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10:18 a.m. - 2020-04-01
sounds of yelling at a transformers video game in the living room
I did it. I totalled my room in order to set up a printer ( only a few flat surfaces in here and all of them covered in crap, and also nowhere near an outlet, so i had to rearrange everything in order to set it up and get it running) printed off everything, copied everything, wrote a fairly clear letter about the CRA account being locked situation, and then this morning i went to the bank and had them confirm im a poor mongrel with a print out of their own, a signature and a couple stampage of their official stamps, and I dropped the whole goddamn Annual Review off at Housing, in the drop box, because of course it is closed to the public.

Now I wait and see whether the one day late on the extension they gave me has dire consquences, or maybe the missing supporting documents or something i forgot to include or fill out OR WHATEVER Im so over the whole thing and exhausted now that I dont have that background bit of adrenaline driving me around now that it's done

room is still totalled though, and Ive started going through the three fucking years of papers I apparently let build up on my dresser ??? Im supposed to go through the papers every tax season but apparently after i moved in here I did not actually do that any of the years I lived here.

maybe because I didnt have a shredder before? I dunno. anyways i have a shredder now and I should get to shredding but Im so goddamn motherfucking tired.

also i only have a vague idea of where Im going to plug the damn shredder in, so there's that to figure out.

also also the googly eyes i bought dont have stickers on the back to attach them with, so now i have to think about how commited I am to this whole put googly eyes on all my electronics whackadoo idea i had... ebcause im likely going to use super glue in order to get the eyes to stick where i want them to be.. sooo.. its a little more permanent..

but really who the fuck cares. why am i thinking of some hypothetical person who's going to judge me the way that patrick used to? If putting googly eyes on my coffee maker is going to make me laugh in the morning and changing my brother printer into a Big Brother printer with eyes in the B and the O on brother then why shouldnt i?

"It's okay to live a life others don't understand."



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