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8:15 a.m. - 2020-04-09
its the sound of my angry headache
I have a tension headache from stupidity.

So the premier of ontario decided to announce yesterday afternoon that all essential businesses would be closed this friday and sunday "to give front line workers a break"

Uh, hey fuckhead, good businesses are ALREADY giving their workers breaks. GOOD BUSINESSES allow their workers to have days off, shorten their open hours, talk to their staff, let their staff stay home.

You haphazardly announcing some bullshit about things closing IS NOT HELPING FRONT LINE WORKERS YOU TWIT

Unless this fucknut turns out an official order today, my store will be fucking open, because we had NO plans of being closed and it takes planning to close the doors on a pharmacy??? Like we dont just lock the door and walk away??? we have people who need deliveries of meds every single day, we supply meds to the hospital when they run low on something, WE'VE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE FOR TWO DAYS THAT WE ARE OKAY TO DELIVER ON FRIDAY

and now, are people going to expect me on friday? or are they going to assume that we are closed and there for not delivering and NOT ANSWER THEIR FUCKING DOOR making my job 10x harder?

I have one day off this week, and that day is today, and I need to step away from the internet entirely, because im just so pissed off at the fucking clowns running shit thinking they can just say stuff just spout off whatever comes into their goddamn skull like thats a good idea.

I need to calm the fuck down, so i can set up Youngest laptop, so we can get something, some fucking thing, done for homeschooling this week. Other than his random questions about canadian history while he was in the shower last night

but at this point, if random questions and answers are all we are doing schoolingwise, i dont even care. because im so goddamn tired today and cranky and i have a list of to dos that just keeps growing



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