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10:56 a.m. - 2020-04-15
So I'm thinking that when i work in the evenings, i shouldnt come on this computer to update, just because then I get distracted with all manner of things and dont end up sleeping until after midnight.

Maybe if I stick to that i will get better sleep.

So yesterday three boxes came to my door of various bits of shipments of things Ive ordered in the past two weeks, all of it was unexpected. Seems my local amazon shipper people arent busy enough to delay the regular orders for stuff by a month? I dunno, anywhoo that means I got my giant leg pillow support thingy

I used it last night while sleeping and sometime in the night kicked it off the bed. So I'm considering ways of tucking sheets around the thing to keep it somewhat where it needs to be..but it shifts around? And isn't the exact size that I need for my legs, also not sure if I should be making sure my feet are on it or if its better to have the backs of my knees right against it... its not long enough to do both.

BUT the real news is that the swelling inside my kneecap has gone down enough that it doesnt feel super fucked up to walk on and also doesnt feel like my kneecap is going to unfold sideways when im standing up, so, Success!

Ive been thinking about the homework/school computer always on our little table situation too. We've been eating a little more regularly together lately, so three spots to sit and eat at the table are more necessary. Ive got most of the microwave stand cleared off, and I'm considering ways to turn it into a desk, while moving some small plastic storage thingys where the micro stand is currently... just rearranging stuff I already have and repurposing the micro stand. It's a weird little stand thing that was designed for one purpose that I keep trying to find other purposes for. Problem is it made of pressed wood, so the cross wooden slat things are holding it together, but that means no room for your legs to go if im going to use it as a desk you actually sit at..

Another project I might need a drill for.. if I move slats around so that it's still supported but also there's space for knees-feet... It's on wheels as well, so that would be handy for the school laptop to sit on, then we could wheel the contraption around rather then balancing the laptop precariously when we dont actually own that equipment and I really dont want to owe the school board $1200.

Work has started the three seperate shifts, the ones that the drivers are not included in. Last night was the first evening shift and no one knew what was happening, as per usual

Some staff thought I shouldnt go in to the dispensary and were real cows about it, until it came time for changing the garbages, then suddenly it wasn't such a big deal that I stay out of the dispensary... eeeyyyeeerrrroooollllll

One of the bosses was working last night too, and word got to her that I was joking about not being team worthy, and she wanted to talk about it. So I brought up that I was feeling like not part of the team at all, not just the three new shifts, but that drivers werent consulted about any of it

So she wanted to know how I would divide four drivers into three teams, I said I don't know, thats a real conundrum (also it was the end of my shift and Id already talked to her about all of this on the weekend).

But I do. You put three on a team, and the fourth you use as support to cover days off, or extra morning shifts or to fill in when one of the drivers gets sick, or whatever you need.

As in put the three boys on teams and I will stay floating outside of everything. But since you didnt want to include drivers, you won't get this brilliant idea until one of the drivers gets sick and we're down to three drivers and then i'll insist on it

bleh, im still irked that the ones of the whole store that are out in the community with the most exposure are still the ones without any change to day to day function.

Except the two part time drivers get to work 530-930 (instead of 5-9) and we get bossed around by everyone in a smock and treated like plague carriers, until it's time to clean up after the other workers...

I think maybe it's the assistants telling me what to do that irks me the most, not the 'keep 6ft away from everyone' rules, but the fact that it's only enforced when it's convenient for them, or when the job has to do with recycling or garbage
It's the same assistants that have constantly tried to either micromanage my job or the ones that have thrown me under the bus when they've made mistakes..

Alright, ive had this window open for an hour now, time to have a nap before i forget entirely what is going on



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