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11:26 a.m. - 2020-04-21
matt mercer's telling me about zemnian nights
morning sunshines, I have been up and out of the house already today. Will there ever be a day when I dont have to go out for something? Work or groceries or, like today, something i forgot that would have really annoying consequences..

A stupid parking ticket from back in Feb, I forgot about it in the pile of papers on my desk until I woke up this morning, saw the date and was like, that date is a deadline for ~something~, figured out what it was and realized that my brain thought going to City Hall that one day was the same thing as paying the ticket. It wasn't, City Hall was already closed to the public by then and I should have mailed a cheque to them that same day but I had no stamps and immediately forgot what I needed stamps for the next time i went out.

Anyway, I dropped off a cheque in the drop box they've installed at the back door of City hall, so here's hoping I can see that clear my account in a couple days and I can let that go from my brain.

Also, today is a therapy appointment for Eldest at 5pm, in another town, the one I grew up in. It will be so sad to see when this is all over how many of the little shops are closed forever.. Not that shops tend to last long on the main road there anyways but it used to be when families moved away or retired from the business and the children changed it into something else, and not the whole street at once.

Im trying to support the small restaurants in town, and the local distillery that's been making hand sani for everyone, but everything is so fucking hard to keep straight. Which restaurant i can email when, which are delivering only and which are pick up only, and which websites im supposed to order from and when it's supposed to come to me..

Like I don't want to order pizza from the big chain store every single time, but it's way fucking easier then trying to track all of this... blergh.

I sent in a $100 order to the distillery a week a go for some booze, not that I drink a lot but I wanted to support them for choosing to supply us all with hand sani, and I havent heard back from them in a week. And I already paid my money. Guess I'll wait another week for an email to come telling me when i can pick up my order and if it doesnt come then call them..

And I sent an email to order $60 of frozen soup, a delivery from a local soup place that's apparently really good. I dont think Ive had their soup before but C dated one of the owners and she's good people.

So, okay, I think I'm trying to do too much all at once because I have money and want to spread it out to people that need support. And I keep seeing pictures on insta of lovely lunch spreads from different places..

let's try something with a little form and organization.

I will make a list of the local businesses that I want to support and I will try ordering from (at least) one small local business a week. And thinking about it that way I've already been doing that with the distillery order and the soup order. So i should stop thinking that i have to be as supportive as alllllll the people I see on instagram ordering lunch from whatever hole int he wall place in town that Ive never even heard of before.

Okay, I'm going to make a google doc to keep track of that. Then at least i can refuckinglax and stop thinking constantly about how i should be doing more. I keep forgetting that im comparing myself to all of these people that are working from home or not working at all. And who aren't managing chronic pain..

Im relistening to Critical Role episodes from the 2nd campaign as I fluff about online. I miss those goofy D&D nerds.



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