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1:57 p.m. - 2020-05-03
I'm on the way up, I need to be patient
Period finally showed up, almost two weeks late. Blergh. Timing for that was less then ideal, since i was crabby for the last two days at work, and i was working in the mornings to help out.

I eased off on calling every single delivery, there simply wasnt enough time to do that. Also I was busy trying to organize the garbage that came out of the dispensary with mispelled street names (Sinko? Really? I think you mean, Simcoe ?) But there's several streets in town that are almost the same (Avon, Avonwood, Avondale, Glastonbury Cres, Glastonbury Drive, etc) and since we are doing as contactless as possible we arent going to know that we've got the wrong place until later unless the person grabbing the package and waving at us is honest.

And then I'll prolly get fired if it's a narcotic considering the provincial laws about chain of custody with narcotics..

Anyway, Im passed every emotion but annoyance at this point. Fuck it. Whatever happens, happens.

Im tired again. For the first time last night i wished i had a heating pad. I've never understood them before, but then again i dont remember the last time i was cold and also cramping.

I ordered groceries from my regular store, it was kind of a mess, they were out of a bunch of stuff, Im debating trying another order later this week or just skipping it and getting the remaining stuff on my list tomorrow some time. which i hate, because i was supposed to be done today. guh.

i feel like my life is split between work, dishes, groceries and laundry. And sleeping at any time of the day when my body just gives out.

Eldest wants Grape Fanta, which as near as I can tell is only sold at walmart. So I might just go there tomorrow, brave the hordes of people lined up there and spend three hours of my life attempting to get the rest of my grocery list from there.

meds are kicking in, i feel like puking and really tired. so. guess i'll go lie on the bathroom floor for a while.

Never done it the way I should
So impatient, misunderstood
I've always let a girl dictate my feelings, yeah
Too distracted, too direct
Too numb, so I neglect
The things I should protect
I'm ready for what is next



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