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11:24 a.m. - 2020-06-25
New surgery date set. I've looked into symptoms of shit going sideways with your gallbladder, and taken notes from real lives into account (thank you catsoul) and discovered that all the most recent symptoms that are new-ish and not familiar to me like the residual effects of constantly being in pain, are related to a gallbladder that is diseased.

So out it's gonna come on July 2nd. In the meantime Dad and I hhave been trying for weeks to book a covid19 test. And this morning I was told that if I have a pending test I CANT ENTER THE HOSPITAL AT ALL

so I guess that's why the surgeon's office didn't mention anything about testing eh.

I have an appointment this aft for a swab test. I'm doing it anyway, if I've got covid I don't want to pass it along to half the goddamn town and also don't want the OR nurses and the surgeon to be exposed.

But if my swab results don't come back before June 30th then I cant get bloodwork done at the hospital and if I can't get bloodwork done they are going to push back my surgery date I guess?

It seems bloodwork is the lynch pin of this whole process.

Also it was the same OR nurse that fucked up last time and told me "4-8 weeks" recovery, and she mentioned it in an offhand way "Im pretty sure I wouldn't have said that....." And I let her hang for a moment, and then said "I know to listen to my surgeon's advice" and that's all I said on it. But the rest of the preadmit questions were glossed over and she said okay. we're done and hung up on me so I'm pretty sure I pissed her off by not taking responsibility for her fuck up.

ALSO, she's still doing these calls on speaker phone, which is a pet peeve of mine, since she clearly hasn't been on the receiving end of a speaker phone call about important shit because she keeps her phone close to the keyboard and her shuffling papers and probably wonders why every person she calls has hearing difficulties........................

The moral of this very long story is I pissed off an OR nurse and I hope like hell she's not the one in the OR on July 2nd.

Also I hope Im not posi for covid or all of this nonsense will be for fucking not.

Im going to go shower and prepare for my test this aft. aka just sit and do nothing for a bit.

sorry i havent been keeping up with everyone on here, not enough anxiety riddled hours in the day to have time away from my To Do list to sit on here and calmly catch up. still love you all though <3 thank you for reading



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