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1:12 p.m. - 2020-06-30
Im negative for the virus as of my test last thursday. So surgery goes as planned, which is good, i had to wait over an hour in the hospital for pre-op bloodwork, and the air conditioning isn't keeping up with the heat in there very well, plus the mask, so i was very sweaty. And the role call number thing was broken so none of the nurses knew who was next and they seemed to be having a super busy rough day.. and people in the waiting room were getting cranky... it was a lot.

good news is you don't have to pay for parking at the hospital, which will save us $20 over the course of this thing, and you have to have exact change, and the hospital is not selling tokens currently, so it's a pain all the way around that i dont have to worry about. i have $5 in change in my purse just in case though.

My anxiety levels are slowly rising, like a tide.. just every whooosh of my heart beat makes it go up a tiny bit more

So that means I will have the nervous energy to complete things like dishes and laundry and , oh right that was what i was supposed to be doing this morning, ebcause tomorrow is a holiday, blergh

off i go to order some grocery delivery because im not risking going in a grocery store now.

I still have a seven hour shift of work to do tomorrow, but it should go quick since we will be pretty much the only place in town open

i might not be back here until aftert the surgery, depends how amped up i am tomorrow,

hope all of you lovelies are doing as well as you can be, still think of you often



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