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10:19 a.m. - 2020-11-09
ohoh one other thing, so over halloween people were postiing their work selfies, and one of my.. acquaintances? I was her maid of honor but we have fallen out in the last ten or so years.. anyway she still works at the office building I spent 12ish years working at, that sucked my soul directly out of my body and left me a decaying husk, yes so she posted a halloween selfie from one of the hallways of that building and I left my body on a wave of gutwrenching panic

just seeing the walls of their back stair cases, caused a wave of panic, followed by a tsunami of relief from knowing I never ever ever have to walk those cement brick, beige painted, horrendously drab and completely lifeless places that led to the sea of cubicals filled with fucking dread, ever again

They made a half assed effort to turn a warehouse into an office building, and then are completely baffled as to why morale in the place was at the bottom of the barrel.

i never have to do that again. i never have to sit in the parking lot, crying, because i dont want to go in and feeling trapped because i have two kids I have to clothe and feed and house, and I have no education.

I never have to hear the words "Oh that must be a great job, thats a multinational billion dollar earning company isn't it? the commercials they put out are so friendly, it must be a great place to work. You've been there over ten years! You must be making great money!"

I never ever have to stare at a boss's boss's boss telling me how greatful i should be for the sick days we get, when our health insurance plan doesnt cover dental.

I worked for Scotiabank. And I don't ever want to work for a bank of any kind, ever again.



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