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7:03 p.m. - 2021-09-01
Mom got a dog and gramma is in the hospital again
Every time I see his brother my brain likes to tell me I "chose the wrong brother"

I never had an actual choice between them (this isn't the 1900s) but goddamn he is aging like a fine punk wine, clean and sober now, and getting his welding ticket or whatever its called..

Anyway. It's like glimpsing an alternate universe where I'm the middle child instead of the eldest and my brain runs with that possibility

I'm going to reheat some noodles and watch some sons of anarchy while the boys and nyll are upstairs celebrating eldest's birthday (it was yesterday technically but they are old enough now the actual date doesnt matter so much as celebrating with the people they want to celebrate with)

15 yrs old. I have a 15 yr old kiddo. Hes going into grade 10 this year. I loved grade 10 and I'm hoping delta doesnt ruin his grade 10

I'm getting both kids vaxed next week, even tho school is starting next week too, but I figure missing two days in sept is better than any other time of the year...

Hopefully I'll remember to make appts for them when I'm at work tomorrow, if I can get on a computer.....

My period started today. It was a few days late so maybe menopause is starting. Heres hoping.



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